Bloon FAQ
ID Regex message
ID Regex message
1 (what|how).*(switch|change|move|swap).*(maps?) To change the map ingame make yourself an admin & then you `/changemap {mapAuthor@mapName}` and for official maps do `/changemap {officialMapName}` (You must be the admin to do this).
2 (how|what).*(can)?.*(make|give|become|be) (admini?s?t?r?a?t?o?r?) To make yourself an admin use `/makeadmin {name}` this only works if you are the original room creator.
3 (is).*(map|list).*(map|list) The Official maps are Riverside, Mountainside, and Cliffside; there are some unofficial maps out there too, check them out at:
4 (how).*(report).*(bugs?) You can report bugs at:
5 (how|when|what) (long|length|doe?s?).*(ban?n?e?d?s?) Temporary bans last about 15 minutes. A timer on the main menu will tell you how much time is left on your temporary ban.
6 (cant|can't|cannot).*(download).*(maps?) If the map is not downloading correctly you may want to restart your game, if problems persist clear your map cache.
7 (what|how).*(tuning) Server Tuning is settings that allow you to change minor or major game mechanics, like speed health & respawns. You can create tuning for your server at:
8 (cant?n?o?t?|how).*(drop|remove) (items?|gadgets?) Dropping Items is not currently possible in Intruder.
9 (game)?.*(why|is).*(is)?.*(game).*(dead) If the servers are empty start your own and ping Looking To Play and have some fun.
10 (cant?n?o?t?|can|how|is).*(name|change).*(name|change) Intruder uses your Steam profile username assuming that the characters within the name are supported.
11 (who).*(creato?r?e?d?|mad?k?e).*(bloon) Bloon currently has two main contributors which is DukeofSussex and Ruby.
12 (what|how).*(is|cant?n?o?t?|do).*(aug) The Advanced User Group is a group formed to help serious players run matches, play tournaments, and engage in private community events and activities. To learn more visit:
13 (who).*(creato?r?e?d?|mad?k?e).*(intruder) Intruder is being developed by Rob Storm and Austin Roush.
14 (how|can) (to|do|you).*(kick) There are two ways to kick players from a server, if you are the admin of the server do `/kick username`; if you are not the admin of the server do `/votekick userName`.
15 (is|how|can).*(show|change).*(fps) You can show your current FPS on your hud simply by doing `/fps` if you want to change the FPS maximum do `/framelimit number`; this is not recommended though as you have to redo it map change and it may break some physics oriented mechanics.
16 (((what).*(is).*(default|normal|original).*(gravity))|((how|can|do).*(change|modify).*(gravity))) Gravity by default is at `-9.81`. To change the gravity you do `/gravity #`. ***REMINDER YOU MUST BE AN ADMIN TO DO THIS***
17 (((how|can).*(change|retrieve).*(passw?o?r?d?))|((i).*(forgot).*(password))) If you forgot your password go to: . However if you want to change your password go to:
18 (do|can|how|is|where).*(pay).*(with) (paypal) You can use Paypal on Steam!
19 (what).*(are).*(controls) The controls are: https://i.imgur.com/Bkc97Fp.jpg
20 (how|can).*(to|do|you|move).*(time|sun) (in) (game|intruder) You can change the time of day in game by doing /suntime 15 (24 hour time scale) ***WARNING YOU MUST BE MASTER CLIENT AND ADMIN***
21 (how|what).*(can)?.*(make|give|become|be).*(master) To make yourself the master client use `/setmaster name` ***SIDE NOTE:** this only works if you are the room admin*
22 ((how|can).*(change|remove|disable|(turn.*off?)).*(hud)) You can turn off your HUD in game by hitting `q+p` at the same time (this odd key combo is so that you don't accidentaly turn off your hud in game)
23 ((how|can|what).*(((is|are)|(join|enter)|(leave|remove))) (ltp|looki?n?g? to play)) Looking To Play, aka LTP, can be joined by typing .event -j or .je & it can be left by typing .event -l or .le
24 ((how|can|what).*(((is|are)|(activate|(start|begin)))).*(lms|last man standing)) Last Man Standing, aka LMS, is a battle royale style gamemode on Riverside primarily and some custom maps. It is activated by doing `/lms 1`